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Craft: an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill.

This mark is a interpreted structure. It represents a record jacket - an inner sleeve containing a record - all enclosed within a frame. The simplified grooves on the record are symbolic in a sense that as grooves are designed to play music on vinyl, within this mark, they also create an implied sound wave.

In the negative space, the viewer discovers a C . The exact same C that is used in CRAFT below.

The grooves/sound waves emit from the C. This defines exactly what the brand does in relationship to the word, craft.

We are crafting a recording.

Seeks to reject mass production.

The mark is enclosed within a frame. This enforces the brand’s integrity and objective to convey an artfulness to its process. Emphasize craftsmanship; greatest attention to detail in sound quality and insightful design.

It’s simplicity in nature is to communicate an amount of ease and comfortability with its purpose. Trust us.

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