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From Acid Jazz groovers and jazz-funk movers to spaced-out cosmic explorations and beyond, Jazz Dispensary: Cosmic Stash opens the door to a heightened musical experience and features some of the most iconic and hard to find drum breaks, legendary samples, and a who’s who of players and producers.


Comprised of four distinct musical strains, “Soul Diesel,” “Purple Funk,” “OG Kush,” and “Astral Travlein’,” there’s a trip for every mood. Housed in a four way fold-out box, each LP features its own custom jacket design. All four records boast unique prescription labels, affixed to translucent colored vinyl, each one selected to reflect the intended effects of the music: translucent orange, purple, green, and clear.


I created the Jazz Dispensary logo based off the caduceus symbol, redesigned as two saxophones intertwined around a drumstick.
The box is designed to unfold into a green cross, the well-known symbol for cannabis dispensaries.
Each jacket cover is a microscopic image of marijuana we licensed from Science Source. I created a unique leaf pattern on the white outer box, touched by a matte/gloss varnish that can only be seen in reflected light. This same finish hits the brightly colored areas on each jacket cover as well.

The vinyl labels were designed to mimic prescription bottles, each with its own set of original descriptions.

Example: Soul Diesel: An invigorating, fast-acting and lively strain of high-energy tuneage. Named after its funky, potent diesel engine-like drive. Provides long-lasting, toe-tapping relief from the stress of everyday life.

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